A choice of engagement options

We have a number of service options to suit your budget, maturity and objectives;  providing facilitation consulting services or engagement on a project basis.

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  Deep Dive 1 Week

High Level Understanding of the Problem  

This format is good for early-phase learning and for spurring new thinking. The one-week time-frame is familiar and long enough to gain a very high level understanding, yet short enough to allow a stressed organization to put limited resources against a challenge. This mode of engagement forces your team to work quickly to gather and analyze data, then move rapidly to solutions, prototypes and plans.


Facilitation with your team


  • Know the limitations of your data, access to stakeholders and early prototypes when doing a Week-Long Deep Dive.
  • If validity is necessary without time for research, access secondary data to triangulate findings.
  • Build a plan for iterating early prototypes for future refinement

  Longer Deep Dive

Understanding the problem   

This format enables a deeper, more nuanced understanding and theorization of a complex challenge or problem. With a longer time frame, this engagement enables your team to consult more stakeholders in the value chain, gather, analyse & iteratively validate solutions prototypes and plans with deeper data and insight. A longer Deep Dive can last one to several months.


  • Facilitation with your team 
  • Project basis


  • When you have more time for a Deep Dive, it may be tempting to spend the vast majority of time doing more research.
  • Pay attention and notice when you are hitting decreasing returns and stop the research when you are learning little new information.
  • Remember—in the early stages, you are researching to understand the problem and inspire the team.
  • There will be time to validate later.

Digital Strategy Deep Dive & Report (1 month)  

A consultancy package with the objective of uncovering solutions to problems and/or uncovering new product or service opportunities that have the potential to deliver optimal customer acquisition, conversion, and retention results.

The  following activities are undertaken to provide you with an in-depth report and actionable strategy plan.

  • Business situation (problems, goals, objectives, industry)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Problem/opportunity definition
  • Research:  Trends & Case Studies
  • User/Customer experience journeys
  • Proposed Prototypes & testing
  • Channel strategy
  • Potential ROI & Risk analysis
  • Project Plan Recommendations:  Plan, timelines, resourcing plan, technology &  partners, budget, guidelines
  • Digital Strategy Project (POA)

Digital Strategy Service 

Engage a digital strategist by a daily basis, or on a monthly retainer:

  • Expert review or to help you work on your plan, facilitate workshops, make recommendations, and provide feedback. 
  • Assess your Digital business maturity and capabilities across the areas of Digital Marketing: Commerce (e-commerce, m-commerce & social commerce), Social Media & Mobile adoption, Collaboration, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management and Analytics.
  • Identify misalignment and gaps between your strategy and current state, and address key opportunities to improve Digital business capabilities and results.
  • Strategy services for digital & mobile; enterprise transformation; customer & user experience;  commerce; service enablement; digital centre of excellence;  product development;  portals, content and collaboration tools;  and big data - integration, identity management, personalization & relevance

We can also explore, design and deliver the services below on a project basis, working flexibly with your internal teams, your partners, or with our partners

Services Project (POA)

  Knowledge Activation Projects

Often organizations have a great deal of research  

and already-existing information but are unable to translate all that information into actionable solutions. Create and Deliver tools and methods can help your team transform what you know into things you can start doing.


  • Facilitation with your team
  • Project basis


  • If you have the information captured in other formats , take the time to translate that information through collaborative Visioning, Story Sharing and Empathy building methods.

  Fostering a Culture of Innovation

We can help you use HCD tools & methods  

in your company to foster a customer-centric culture of innovation. Infuse the spirit of innovation, co-creative intelligence and consensus in your day-to-day activities, even when there is no explicit Design Challenge at hand. There are many collaborative HCD methods that are applicable at different times to the challenges your organization faces in Digital & Technology Adaptation, Cultural Transformation, Monitoring & Evaluation, Delivery & Planning etc.


  • HCD Thinking Facilitation with your team
  • HCD Thinking Culture Project


  • Learn to choose HCD methods  to help complement your daily work.
  • If you’re working on adapting an existing technology and have already-existing information about the context you want to adapt to, use HCD Create methods to guide you.


Design Thinking- A catalyst for Growth.  Building a culture of Engagement, Empathy and Experimentation